Outgoing banquets, buffets

In a location of your choice, we can organize a banquet or buffet up to 500 people. We have all the required equipment for various buffets and banquets. We take care of everything: dishes, serving, design and various tasty meals, for a selective gourmand and an aesthete of sophisticated taste. Our team can prepare a very wide range of dishes, with a unique delivery. We offer discounts for various drinks and meals.

Daily lunch and banquets in our cafe

On workdays, we offer healthy, filling and fast lunch, with prices starting from 3€. We have a different menu everyday.

We also offer banquets in our cafe, up to 20 people.

Take away meals

“Saviola” also offers various festive dishes for your celebration. Our chefs prepare the dishes without the use of preservatives, the meals are always fresh, they are always prepared and served with regards to your needs. Upon your request, the festive dishes can be delivered to your home, office or to other preferred locations. The cost of our dishes is always considered individually, at the time of the order (the cost of some dishes is provided in the menu bellow).

Our festive dish assortment:



Vieno kasnio kanape, sumuštinukai | šventiniai patiekalai

40 – 45 €

Canapes (various, 1 tray – 50 pcs. The price depends on the materials that were used)


-Stuffed sturgeon

Įdarytas eršketas | šventiniai patiekalai

60 – 70 €

Prepared with japanese seaweed filling and served with caper sauce. The price depends on the size. The dish is served on a tray.

-Salmon roll with japanese seaweed

Lašišos vyniotinis | šventiniai patiekalai

21 € / kg

Can be served in an arrangement with other fish dishes of your choice.

-Salmon mousse

Lašišos putėsiai | šventiniai patiekalai

-Salmon or salmon trout with filling

Įdaryta lašiša arba lašišinis upėtakis | šventiniai patiekalai

50 – 65 €

The price depends on the size, served on a tray.

-Stuffed catfish

Įdarytas šamas | šventiniai patiekalai

 30 – 50 €

The price depends on the size, served on a tray.

-Pike-perch roll with spinach and carrots

Sterko vyniotinis su špinatais ir morkomis | šventiniai patiekalai

14 € / kg

The roll can be prepared from other types of fish.

-Stuffed pike-perch

Įdarytas sterkas | šventiniai patiekalai

35 – 50 €

The price depends on the size, served on a tray.

-Stuffed pike

Įdaryta lydeka | šventiniai patiekalai

30 – 50 €

The price depends on the size, served on a tray.

-Fried halibut fillet in jelly

Kepta oto file drebučiuose | šventiniai patiekalai

-Stuffed, fried carp

-Carp roll

-Fried tilapia fillet with sesame seed crust

-Fried tilapia fillet in marinade

-Herring with fried vegetables, dried plums

-Herring with fried onions and chanterelles

-Herring with walnuts

-Various sauces for fish dishes

Spinach, cocktail, caper, carrot juice and dill sauces.


-Roasted goose, stuffed with apples and dried plum filling

Kepta žąsis su obuolių ir dž. slyvų įdaru | šventiniai patiekalai

 from 50 €

Served with wine-poached pears and potatoes. We also prepare the goose for frying, upon request (marinated in orange juice, with apple and dried plum filling, wrapped in foil).

-Roasted turkey with filling

Keptas kalakutas su įdaru | šventiniai patiekalai

 from 45 €

Can be served with smoked turkey fillet or vegetable skewers.

-Turkey fillet, deep fried in layered dough

Kalakuto file, kepta sluoksniuotoje tešloje | šventiniai patiekalai

-Roasted duck

Kepta antis | šventiniai patiekalai

from 25 €

Marinated in orange juice. Served with various garnishes.

A fully prepared for baking, unroast duck can be sold upon request (marinated, with filling, in foil).

-Duck meat roll

Antienos vyniotinis su liežuviu | šventiniai patiekalai

from 20 € / kg

-Royal poultry pate with tiger prawns

Karališkas paukštienos paštetas su tigrinėmis krevetėmis | šventiniai patiekalai

Served in various sizes, decorated with tiger prawns.

-Chicken galantine with dried plums, apricots, pistachios

Vištienos galantinas su dž. slyvomis, abrikosais, pistacijomis | šventiniai patiekalai

from 23 €

Various serving and decoration options.

-Chicken galantine with chanterelles, pistachios

Vištienos galantinas su voveraitėmis, pistacijomis | šventiniai patiekalai

from 25 €

Various serving and decoration options.

-Fried duck breast, stuffed with walnuts

-Chicken fillet, stuffed with spinach and omelette

-Chicken fillet with almond crust

-Natural chicken roll

-Chicken roll with omelette and spinach

-Chicken roll with apricots

-Chicken legs with peanut filling

-Chicken legs, stuffed with chanterelles

-Chicken legs, stuffed with dried plums, apricots

Meat dishes

-Veal ham roast with boletus filling

-Veal ham roast, decorated with carrots

-Rabbit meat roll with dried figs and plums

-Beef tongue, boiled

Jautienos liežuvis| šventiniai patiekalai

-Beef cut, fried with spice decor

-Stuffed pork loin

Įdaryta kiaulienos nugarinė | šventiniai patiekalai

Can be fried with a sesame seed crust.

-Pork ham roast

Keptas kiaulienos kumpis | šventiniai patiekalai

-Pork tongue, boiled

Kiaulienos liežuvis | šventiniai patiekalai

-Shank roll

Kulniukų vyniotinis | šventiniai patiekalai

-Stuffed pork rib with dried apples

-Pork loin roast

-Pork roll with flitch and greens, or carrots, or caraway


-Celery root salad with apples, pineapple and walnuts

-Celery stem salad with grapes, fresh vegetables and lemon-honey sauce

-Cauliflower salad with carrots, leeks and dried plums

-Broccoli salad with dried cranberries, cashew nuts, fried bacon

-Greek salad with feta cheese

-Bean sprout salad with tomatoes and cheese

-Sun dried tomato salad with zucchini, lemon, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and pumpkin seeds

We can also prepare other dishes, according to your needs and wishes.