Receptions and banquetes at Representative Palace of the Lithuanian Armed Forces:
The celebration of the 97th year from the founding of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union and Riflemen’s day. During the event President Valdas Adamkus received the status of Honorary Rifleman. The buffet from the celebration in Vilnius Town Hall:
Festivities for the “Anželika Cholina retrospective of work – 25” participants and sponsors in Vilnius National drama theater:
A buffet for the participants of an international conference in the Lithuanian University of health sciences, modern pharmacy and health technology research center:
A buffet, during the presentation of Scandinavian products in Vilnius, BOD group, L.I.G.H.T. WING and in Kaunas, “Interior line” salon:
Various events for the Lithuania’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. “Saviola” were responsible for the service of the events:
  1. Protocol dinner in the Representative Palace of the Lithuanian Armed Forces;
  2. National  M. K. Čiurlionis art museum;
  3. Devils museum;
  4. Kaunas University of technology;
  1. Dinner at Kaunas Town Hall;
  2. Menu for the participants of the convent from 39 European countries;
  3. Kaunas University of technology;
  4. Vytautas Magnus University, central building.
Buffet in Vytautas Magnus museum of war:
Buffet in the Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas:
Buffet in Kaunas Town Hall:
Banquet in the Representative Palace of the Lithuanian Armed Forces;
Buffet in the Kaunas National drama theater:
Buffet in the Kaunas State Musical Theater:
Buffet in Kaunas State Philharmonic:
Buffet in Kaunas Artists’ house:
Festive dinner in Raudonė castle and Akmenių manor:
Protocol dinner, for the 20th farming and food industry expo participants and guests: